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Fall Migration Bird Surveys of the Beck Lake Complex Important Bird Area (IBA) in Cody began on March 20, 2017. Join us as we count the birds on their migration back north.

Image of Great Gray Owl

Great Gray Owl, seen by the survey group on March 27, 2017. Thanks Lee Hermann for the great photo!

Image of Canvasback duck

Canvasback ducks, seen by the survey group on April 10, 2017. Thanks Joi Inbody for your great digiscope photo!

The Spring Survey will be held each Monday for nine weeks, March 20 through May 15, 2017, and is open to all interested or aspiring birders.

Each week's survey begins one hour after sunrise at the first stop, the west end of Beck Lake by the Taco John parking lot. You may meet the group in the Taco John parking area at the starting time, or if you would like a cup of coffee or cocoa and some camaraderie, join the other birders 30 minutes earlier at McDonald's restaurant. Carpooling is encouraged.

If you arrive after we start counting, just catch up and join us! We look forward to seeing you!

Monday, March 20 - 8:19 a.m. Mountain Daylight Savings Time

Monday, March 27 - 8:06 a.m. MDT

Monday, April 3 - 7:53 a.m. MDT

Monday, April 10- 7:40 a.m. MDT

Monday, April 17 - 7:28 a.m. MDT

Monday, April 24 - 7:17 a.m. MDT

Monday, May 1 - 7:06 a.m. MDT

Monday, May 8 - 6:56 a.m. MDT

Monday, May 15 - 6:48 a.m. MDT

For more information about the surveys, call Joyce Harkness, (307) 754-2400 (h), or (307) 254-1092 (cell).

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NOTE: Change in meeting date: Sunday, April 30, 2017 - Iceland - a Land of Contrast

About the size of Kentucky with a population smaller than the state of Wyoming, Iceland is a land of contrast. Settled by seafaring Norsemen around the year 871 A.D., its population remains quite dependent on the sea. In 2014, Catherine Symchych participated in a circumnavigation cruise of the island, learning about and photographing areas seemingly untouched by man, as well as well-populated areas where locals were happy to share their stories of the land.

Join Catherine as she highlights the stories of geology, wildlife, and people and shares photos from across the country of Iceland, some of which will seem as familiar as Yellowstone, while others will transport you considerably further.

The program will be held at the The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Coe Auditorium, located at 720 Sheridan Avenue in Cody (across from West Park Hospital.) Public program will begin at 7:00 p.m. and end around 8:30 p.m. The Meadowlark Board meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. and is also open to members and the public.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - An Evening With Zach Hutchinson - All About Mist Netting and Bird Banding, and You Can Participate!

Zach Hutchinson is a Community Naturalist for Audubon Rockies which serves Wyoming and Colorado. Zach will present on the MAPS bird banding stations operating in Casper. The MAPS Program enables volunteers to get up close and personal with Wyoming birds.

MAPS stands for Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship. The goal of this program is to provide long-term data on the productivity, survival and population sizes of landbird species. The MAPS Program is a continent-wide population monitoring system that provides critically needed demographic information on landbirds and plays a major role in aiding efforts in the conservation of avian diversity in North America.

Banding starts in June and ends in early August. A banding training class, which precedes the first banding date, provides volunteers with the skills required to set up and take down mist nets, remove birds from nets, and band, identify, sex and age birds. Come learn more about the MAPS program and see if it's something in which you would like to participate.

Zach graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Northwest Missouri State University. He served as a Kayaking Naturalist, combining science and art, to promote estuarine conservation on Galveston Island in Texas. He was a Conservation Educator rescuing alligators and providing public education on safety and conservation in Beaumont, Texas. Zach serves as an advisor on the Habitat Guidance Committee for the Platte River Revival, aiding in the protection of riparian habitat and promoting healthy waterways. In addition to his work with Audubon Rockies, Zach is the current president of the Murie Audubon Society, our longest-lived Audubon chapter in Wyoming.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - Meadowlark Audubon Society Annual Picnic, 6:00 p.m. All welcome.

Come join the crew of Meadowlark as we celebrate the beginning of summer. There will be some bird related games, nature trails to explore, and a little birding, too. Regular meetings will resume in September.

Meadowlark Audubon will provide burgers and hot dogs, so bring a side dish or dessert to share with others, as well as your own beverage. See you there!

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Board meetings have been changed to the third Wednesday of the month prior to the general meeting, September through November and January through June. Board meetings begin at 6:00 p.m., and the general meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. The June board meeting is usually a combined picnic and meeting. For more information, click here to send Meadowlark Audubon an email.

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