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Welcome to the Meadowlark Audubon Society, serving the four counties of the Big Horn Basin (Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park, and Washakie) in northwestern Wyoming. Here you will find meeting and field trip information, the latest issue of The Voice of the Meadowlark, the Chapter's newsletter, and archived issues of some of the past newsletters. Other helpful information is available, such as directions to some great birding locations and the names of Meadowlark Audubon leaders. Come on in and browse around.

The Meadowlark Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Wyoming in 1999.

Mission Statement: The primary focus of the Meadowlark Audubon Society is the region's resident and migratory bird populations, along with an understanding of the ecological requirements necessary to their survival.

Strategic Plan: Meadowlark Audubon Society believes the goal of conserving, protecting and restoring habitat is best accomplished by working together with governmental agencies, nonprofit groups, and others to promote awareness, understanding, enjoyment, and science-based stewardship of our environment. Meadowlark Audubon Society strives to achieve this goal by keeping its membership interested, informed and involved, educating the public about environmental issues, helping to maintain sanctuaries and other important bird areas, presenting quality programs and lectures at public meetings, providing opportunities for members and the public to enjoy and appreciate birds and the natural world through participation in field trips, and by taking part in appropriate advocacy to protect the environment and natural resources, with an emphasis on birds and their habitat.

Meadowlark Audubon Society - P.O. Box 2126 - Cody, WY 82414

Thank you to Mr. Pete Arnold of Cheyenne, Wyoming, for allowing us to use many of the photos in this Web site, including the meadowlark standing on the post in the header and the close-up of the meadowlark at the top of the menu.

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